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FAO Day One


Published on February 20, 2017

Model United Nations, also known as MUN, is an actual simulation of the United Nations.


Terms & Conditions

Published on February 16, 2017

Early bid fees (registration until 15 of April)


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Published on February 16, 2017

When you apply, you declare your full reception of all the rules you can find here: Terms and conditions, and should read carefully before applying. Keep in mind that you will have to sign it at a check in before a conference.

There are many ways the Directors can create congenial atmosphere in their committee. Some choose to present themselves in a creative way; the others prefer team-buildings to set the right tone for the following work. In a very special case, the Dodocorn comes into play.

   LDAMUN Food and Agricultural Organization took the art of holding mock-sessions to an entirely new level. Since the topic suggested was  “The United Nations Mascot”,


For instance, the delegation of Brazil suggested the Mosquito as the mascot, for one can easily find those anywhere in the world. The delegation of the United States eagerly opposed Brazil, opting for the common symbol of the “America First!” notion  – the Eagle. Later on the delegation decided to promote the Unicorn as the symbol of equality and fairness. In the meantime, Italy stood up for the Dodo, which is known as an extinct species and therefore raises the awareness of this issue. The two draft resolutions resembled a truly unresolvable dilemma.


Cheyma Azzouz, the Director of FAO: “Our delegates tried to reach a compromise between the Unicorn and the Dodo. For instance, the U.S. suggested to use one for the United Nations, while dedicate the other to the Security Council in particular. But Senegal (Shahinaz H'Midouche), Italy (Armend Mejdi Shabani) and Macedonia (Dritan Ali Musliu) had a better idea: they created the Dodocorn. Yeah”.  In the end, the third draft resolution fully promoted the Dodocorn as the brand new UN Mascot, and there is no wonder that it was adopted by consensus.


How To Register

Published on February 15, 2017

First step to register for the conference is to fill delegate registration form


By all means this profound mock-session left no other choice for FAO delegates but to continue their work on resolving the issue of water scarcity with all their energy and inspiration. Remaining truly productive, the delegates were ready to share their views on the agenda, bringing up the variety of additional aspects. The Democratic Republic of Congo insisted on taking into consideration the scale of corruption in their state, which basically makes all the


Conference Venue

Published on February 14, 2017

Ivane Javakhishvili State University also known as Tbilisi State University. This is the place, where our conference will be held.


attempts of financial investment useless, for the funds do not usually reach the cause. Italy tried its best to call upon the establishment of a new comprehensive committee concerning water scarcity, while the delegation of Burkina Faso kept reminding the committee how large-scale and relevant the problem is and how essential it is for the world to unite in order to contribute equally to the resolution.


All in all, the first day set FAO on the constructive path; the delegates were totally ready to unite their efforts under the flawless guidance of their Directors. There is definitely hope to reach the consensus


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