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Published on February 20, 2017

Model United Nations, also known as MUN, is an actual simulation of the United Nations.


Terms & Conditions

Published on February 16, 2017

Early bid fees (registration until 15 of April)

Alejandro Esteso Pérez

Alejandro is in the fourth and last year of his International Relations degree studies in Madrid, thanks to which he got to know the MUN concept for the first time. Ever since then, he has participated in a dozen of them, both within Spain ‒his home country‒ and abroad. He worked as an intern at the headquarters of the Spanish Embassy in Sarajevo, where he got to learn first-hand about the ever-thrilling political affairs of South-Eastern Europe. As for now, though, he is ready to discover the Caucasus!



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Published on February 16, 2017

When you apply, you declare your full reception of all the rules you can find here: Terms and conditions, and should read carefully before applying. Keep in mind that you will have to sign it at a check in before a conference.


How To Register

Published on February 15, 2017

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Aleksandra Grishina

Aleksandra Grishina is from Moscow, Russia! Her home-university (MGIMO) is where her MUN addiction originates from, for she has been the member of Moscow International Model UN Secretariat for the last three years; MIMUN is considered to be the world pioneer in conducting a model UN in all the official languages of the United Nations.

In 2016 she received a bright opportunity of studying her major (International Journalism) in West Virginia University for an academic year. It is definitely the most rewarding experience she ever had , moreover as it was flavored by conducting a groundbreaking Model UN in the UN headquarters in New Your City.

She has strong ties to her major field of study, and do believe that it is a challenging, but truly iconic time to become a journalist. “I can't wait for LDAMUN 2017 to start, and I'm looking forward to reaffirm my deep commitment to our common passion!”

Conference Venue

Published on February 14, 2017

Ivane Javakhishvili State University also known as Tbilisi State University. This is the place, where our conference will be held.


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Anna Bratek

Anna is Polish, about to complete her second Master Degree, in Croatian Philology, at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. She graduated in European Law and spent the time between her studies by doing an internship in Luxembourg at European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA).

Besides Poland and Luxembourg, Anna used to live in Switzerland, Croatia and Serbia. Her interests include diplomacy, foreign languages and a wide range of sports, however her biggest passion are travel and music.


Anna is looking forward to LDA MUN in the heart of Georgia, especially because she loves Georgian beauty and cuisine.


She expects her MUN family to grow in February after numerous models she has already been a part of.

If you seek challenge and entertaining debate, join the body which ensures it in 100% - the United Nations Security Council.



Sebastian Vogelpoel

Sebastian has a very multicultural background that has drawn him to MUN ever since he started at school. Of Dutch and British nationality Sebastian grew up in Germany and Italy before studying History and Philosophy at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. Already in high school Sebastian attended MUN's including the prestigious THIMUN acting as ambassador for his schools delegation.


At university he extended this experience founding and leading Southampton’s MUN society. In his long chairing experience he has chaired 15 conferences and has been a delegate at many more. Among his achievements has been leading a joint delegation of University of Cambridge, University College London and University of Southampton to the WORLDMUN 2016 in Rome, Italy. Furthermore after undertaking the role of Deputy Secretary General at LVMUN 2016, Sebastian is proud to be Secretary General of LVMUN 2017 in Riga from the 1-3 of December.


Outside MUN Sebastian has been very active in politics as well as University-related activities. His interest in political matters also led him to run for Student Union’s President. Currently Sebastian is based in Berlin. He is always on the lookout for new experiences and is very excited to be part of LDAMUN 2017.


Ilias Papadopoulos

Ilias Papadopoulos is 19 years old, born and raised in Athens, the capital city of Greece. He is in his 2nd year of studies in Law in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and he is keen on pursuing a career in international relations. His participation in MUNs dates back in 2013, when he took part in Euroscola in European Parliament, Strasbourg and ever since he had participated in more than 5 other simulations including AMUN 2014, EYP 2014, Athens EU Model 2016, Rhodes MRC 2016, Europa.S 2017 and received several awards. Meanwhile, he is a Project Manager and Team Leader in AIESEC in NKUA, Greece, an international organisation aiming at developing leadership in every young person.''



Sören Wehrheim

is a 22-year-old student of Computer Science, currently living in Paderborn, Germany. Sören grew up in Northern Germany, where he already started participating in MUN in high school. He joined the organising team of Germany’s largest MUN, OLMUN, in his last year. In university, he became the head delegate of Paderborn’s delegation to NMUN New York 2016. Having participated in over 30 conferences all over Europe as a delegate and having won many awards, Sören is now aiming to build himself a reputation as a chair as well. He has also been selected as Under Secretary General for Academics for CologneMUN 2018. Outside MUN, Sören is also active in the debating society of his university and has a strong interest in political matters. He is very happy to be one of your chairs of DISEC at LDA MUN 2017.

Laura Sigala

Laure Sigalla is 20 years old, French, and currently studying medieval history at La Sorbonne in Paris. She started MUNs in 2016 and became addicted very quickly; LDA MUN will be her second conference as a chair. While French is her native language, she also speaks English (of course), German, some Korean and is learning Russian and Irish, and you can address her in any of these languages! She is very much looking forward to co-chairing the UNHCR at LDA MUN in July.



Nika Bitsadze

Nick Bitsadze was born in 1995, September 14 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Family of Ukrainian emigrants that migrated in time of USSR.

He attended Tbilisi public school № 168 in 2001 and graduated in 2013. Passed one season in Buckswood International School in 2011.

Nick had been Attending Caucasus International University in 2013 and graduated in 2017. Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, International Relations Course.

He was research Assistant in Department of Innovations and Strategic Development at Caucasus International from 2014 until 2017. Nick was official Member of Young Diplomats’ Club of Georgia from 2014 until 2017.

He is cofounder and vice-president of Regional Development Youth Centre from 2014 until today.

Samuel Körner

Samuel is a 25-year old student, living in the beautiful city of Antwerp, Belgium.

Samuel discovered MUN only one year ago. During that year he took part at committees ranging from the GA to advanced and at MUNs ranging from his own city to Cambridge.

Even though he has only been in the circuit for one year this will already be his second time chairing.

“I’m looking forward to visiting your beautiful country!”



Paul Pichlmeier

Paul is currently studying at the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies. Originally from a small town in Southern Germany, he spent the last years studying and working for various organizations in Italy, France, Luxembourg, Canada and Egypt. This summer, he will be employed at the German Embassy in Tbilisi before continuing his studies at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. After participating at the NMUN 2016 conference in New York City, he will now contribute to LDAMUN as a chairperson in the Disarmament and International Security Committee. Besides international politics and intercultural relations in particular, he is more generally interested in the empowerment of active global citizenship. Regarding the many challenges that the world is facing today, Paul is very much looking forward to the passionate debates and constructive arguments of the delegates.


Geoff Glover
Geoff is a recent graduate in History and Politics from the University of York in the UK. Born to Irish and Chinese parents in Milan, he now resides in London with plans to pursue an MA in International Relations. He has been involved in MUN since 2015, catalysed by his interests in foreign affairs and languages. Since then, he has attended numerous conferences all over Europe as a chair, delegate, and Secretariat member. Geoff looks forward to meeting all delegates for what promises to be a fantastic conference!

Isabelle Heinemann

Isabelle is a not-quite-so-fresh first year fresher at the University of London SOAS, currently reading International Relations and History. She is fascinated by etymology and enjoys learning languages, although it would appear she has recently found her master in Chinese. Nobody could ever call her a cynic without inducing a deconstruction of cynicism as a retort. Outside of the ivory tower, the finer things of life Isabelle couldn’t do without include late night drives, garden dinner parties and sunsets seen through a glass of red wine; all sadly a rarity in her current domicile. Her love for MUN has its roots in a passionate, but ultimately doomed affair with stage acting - has not everyone who ever stood on the boards that mean the world struggled with having to do something incredibly stupid just because thus it is written?




Malte Christoph Westphal

Dear Delegates, My name is Malte Christoph Westphal, and I am honored to be one of your Chairs of the FAO. I have begun with MUN in 2014 and since then have participated in various capacities at 15 MUNs, in almost every position from delegate to Secretary General. I am from Germany and currently pursuing a Master degree in IT-Management and –Consulting at the University of Hamburg, after having received a B.Sc. in Computer Science. Despite this unusual background, International Relations have always been a hobby for me, and I am very interested in the mechanisms of international organizations. I hope that this MUN, and especially the Food and Agriculture Organization will be an opportunity for everyone involved to learn why it is hard to solve the world’s problems, and how we can still do it in the end. Kind Regards, Malte Christoph Westphal